Right to fight

Manray Media presents: Right to fight Ronda Roussey is a fight superstar. Yet professional female boxers still struggle to make a living. Right to fight is the inspirational story of boxing sensation, UK number one super bantam weight Marianne Marston. From a chance encounter in a Philadelphia café with Joe Frazier to becoming Britain’s most successful professional female boxer.


Battle Of Britain

Manray Media presents: Battle Of Britain To mark the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, arguably the most important event in modern British history, brothers Colin and Ewan McGregor present a BBC1 feature length documentary leading us through the timeline of events during the height of the Battle of Britain.


Della Dan and Sue Get High

Manray Media presents: Della Dan and Sue Get High Filmed over three years this film is a deeply personal insight into the realities of learning to live with becoming differently abled. It is an inspiring universal story about achievement against the odds. The story that unfolds is heart warming, tear-jerking and often funny as Della, Dan and Sue get high.


Spitfire Dream

Manray Media presents: Spitfire Dream The Supermarine Spitfire is thee most iconic aircraft in the world. Every pilot who has had the privilege to fly this warbird understands the significance of the opportunity and the connection to the bravest of young men who climbed into the very same cockpit more than 75 years ago.


The journeyman

Manray Media presents: The journeyman Having been a highly successful amateur, in 2005 nineteen year old George Hillyard became a professional boxer. His talent and potential was instantly noticed by the UK's boxing elite. For three years his career blossomed and George was living the dream. But as is often the way when success comes at such a young age George then lost his way. Ten years on George is back, older, wiser and more determined than ever to prove himself.


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